LifeSkill Sports and FAST (Footballer Attitudes to Self and Team) is a ground breaking and innovative approach to the social and emotional development of young professional or aspiring professional sportsmen. FAST is an attitudinal research tool created by LifeSkills Sports in association with GL Assessment that allows identification, assessment, planning, tracking and evaluation of the social and emotional competencies and areas for development of young footballers.

Who are LifeSkills Sports?

"We believe that FAST will affect player development, as an early warning system it's first rate!"
Lee Hagger
Fulham AFC Academy Operations Manager

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What is FAST?

FAST is a ground breaking and innovative approach to professional Football, providing hard data for soft areas assessing and monitoring young players attitudes and aptitudes across 9 social and emotional FAST Factors.

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News & Updates

(Reuters) - Enlightened clubs prepare youngsters for rocky road ahead.

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